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Desert Mule Deer



The Santa Fe Guiding Company outfits and guides hunters on some of the finest large tracts of private lands in New Mexico for trophy desert mule deer bucks. We are looking for a few real hunters desiring a fair chase hunt on large wild ranches for mature mule deer bucks ranging in the 160-200 inch class.

We manage all of our ranches for trophy quality limiting the number of trophy mule deer buck hunters and actively reducing the smaller bucks during our harvest hunts. In the wide open rolling desert landscapes that make up our hunt locations, hunters can glass huge amounts of country spotting their trophy. Once we have selected your trophy, then we plan a stalk to get within easy shooting range for a perfect shot and clean kill.

Our guides are experts in field judging trophy mule deer bucks at long ranges with spotting scopes and even better at planning and leading you on the perfect stalk. The Santa Fe Guiding Company, our guides and our New Mexico private ranches have been featured on several quality national TV shows over the past decade and we welcome you to watch a few of the latest in our "Video Section" to see what the landscapes look like where you will be hunting how we managed to get our TV host hunters and Camera operators close enough to take their best shot and capture the action for your to enjoy.

Scouting is a key to our success during our trophy desert mule deer hunts. The large private ranches that we conduct our hunts on give us the opportunity to hunt trophy bucks that are not molested by other hunters and remain in the same general areas where we have scouted them prior to your arrival and hunt dates. We use long range techniques that will not bump the deer and at the same time allow us to get a pretty good size judgment and pattern on the bucks that we can take advantage of during your trophy hunt.


If you are looking for a trophy desert mule deer hunt on large wide open private ranches that we control with very limited numbers of trophy hunters the Santa Fe Guiding Company will deliver.

During all of our hunts you can take predators, in season birds and elk and barbary sheep in the game park for additonal cost.


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